Class doors open 8.45am - 8.55am.
If you arrive after 8.55 - Go to the Main Entrance. Your child will be marked ‘late’ in the register. Your child might not achieve a 100% attendance award.

If you arrive very late in the morning - Go to the Main Entrance. Your child will be marked ‘unauthorised absence’ in the register. Very late children are monitored by the Luton Borough Council Education Welfare Service (LBC EWO). Your child might not achieve a 100% attendance award.



  • Any appointments during school hours will reduce your child’s attendance percentage.
  • You should always try to make appointments outside of school hours, please let us know if you can’t so we can mark the register accordingly. (Your child might not achieve a 100% attendance award).
  • It is school policy to not authorise holidays or trips to embassies during the school term.
  • You should always try to take holidays during the school holidays (all dates of these are on our website (home page / parents / calendar).



  • If your child is ill you must call or text us and tell us why.
  • Please give us Dr appointment cards or chemist prescriptions that relate to the absence if you have them.
  • If we don’t hear from you the register will be marked as ‘unauthorised absence’.
  • These absences are monitored by the LBC EWO who can issue a fine (£) to parents.



Make sure we have your correct contact numbers!

What if your child is ill or injured during school? How would we get hold of you?

Programme these numbers into your phone:

  • 01582 748810 - to call us



Please collect your child at 3.30pm

Make sure we know who is allowed to collect your child and call or text us if the list of names needs to be changed.

If you are late to collect your child:

  • Go to the main entrance - late collections are monitored by staff.
  • Call or text us if you are delayed so we can inform and reassure your child.



The Cup, Teddy and Treat awards are announced at the Friday morning assemblies.

The 'Teddy' goes to the class with the highest attendance percentage for that week.

The 'Herring Cup' , also know as the late cup for being on time!- named after Mrs Maggie Herring, who was our late Deputy Headteacher, is awarded to the class with the fewest number of children who arrived late for the morning register that week.

The classes who gain the above awards most often in the whole school year get a class treat at the end of summer term. Last time it was a cinema experience in the Hall with snacks and a visit from the ice cream van!

Our 'Treat' award is given to a 100% attendance child from each Key Stage! The attendance will be taken from the previous week and they would need to be in school Monday to Friday, on time and with no appointments taken during the school day. The winning children's names are chosen at random.

The children love receiving these awards each week!

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We all need to be at school On Time Every Day
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You will get a badge each term if you are 100%
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The Cup and Teddy !
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Some of the Treat prizes
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Well done cartwheels!


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