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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


The school aims to provide high quality education for all children in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum and Local Authority policies.


Wherever possible, cross-curricular dimensions and skills have also been identified. These include citizenship, health education, careers, environmental education and financial capability, Equality of opportunity and multi-cultural education are also included as important elements of the school’s curriculum. It is intended that the National Curriculum will not be the whole curriculum and that the curriculum provided in school will be one that is broad and balanced in nature. The Government has stated that it will not specify time allocations for subjects, teaching methods to be used, or the resources required, nor will it specify the form of the curriculum organisation to be adopted. Curriculum maps or policies will be reviewed regularly and the documents below will be updated to reflect our developing school curriculum.


Learning is at the heart of the school and how we teach children to learn is of paramount importance. We use a range of teaching styles and methods to suit the needs of the lesson and the children. Children are taught in classes, groups and individually to maximise their learning and lessons are differentiated to address all levels of ability. Children learn in a variety of ways and we endeavour to cater for all learning styles by ensuring we use methods which support the child who learns by seeing, hearing or doing. We encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and increasingly to assess their learning and next steps.


The curriculum of the school is arranged to provide experiences and activities which will take account of each pupil’s cultural, linguistic and religious background and promote his/her continued growth through the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills. High priority is given to teaching pupils to listen and express themselves in coherent speech, to read, to write and to become conversant and fluent with mathematics.


If you would like further information on any aspect of the school curriculum, please contact the school office


  • by phone on 01582 748810
  • by email at


They will be happy to find the right person to help you.


Phonics and Reading


The school has adopted the Letters and Sounds document (2007) to teach phonics with some resources in the Foundation Stage from Jolly Phonics.


More information about letters and sounds can be found here.


In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 phonics is taught daily at a discrete dedicated time. Children are grouped within year groups according to the phase they are working at.