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Surrey Street

Primary School and Nursery

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Strategic Leadership Team

Mrs Jackson

Co-Headteacher, Lead Safeguarding Officer & SENDCo

Mrs Adams

Co-Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Blackwell

Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo

Mr Iszchak

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Reid

School Business Manager


Family Workers and Safeguarding Officers

Mrs Coakley and Miss Coleman


Admin Team and Support Staff

Mrs McKay

PA to Co-Headteachers & SEN Administrator

Miss Parrott

Office Manager, Admissions & Attendance

Miss Royal

Clerical Assistant

Mrs Hastings

Clerical Assistant

Mrs Zarrouq

Medical Assistant

Mrs Zak-Grzybowska

IT & Network Manager

Early Years & Reception School Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Miss Cavanagh

Mrs Staniforth

Mrs Allen/Mrs Peddar

Nursery Teacher

Poppy Class Teacher

Tulip Class Teachers

Nursery - Mrs Bridgestock & Miss Thompson

Reception - Mrs Cogdale, Mrs Young , Miss Levy

and Ms Green(AM)/Miss Benaissa(PM)


Year 1 Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Khan

Mrs Morrell

Robin Class Teacher

Ladybird Class Teacher


Miss Campbell & Mrs Devine

Year 2 Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Amin

Miss Rabheru

Cherry Class Teacher

Apple Class Teacher


Mrs Qandil & Mrs Cann

Year 3 Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Miss Morris-Jones

Mrs Blake

Maroon Class Teacher

Cardinal Class Teacher


Mrs Stack & Mrs Avram (PM)

Year 4 Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Hussain

Mr White

Rouge Class Teacher

Burgundy Class Teacher


Mrs Shah and Miss Ottley-Farmer (PM)

Year 5 Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Mr Iszchak

Miss Khan

Ruby Class Teacher

Carmine Class Teacher


Mrs Ireland/Mrs Begum and Ms Green (PM)

Year 6 Teachers

Teaching Assistants

Miss Betts

Mrs Ogunji

Crimson Class Teacher

Magenta Class Teacher

Miss Jones & Mrs Sandler


Specialist Teachers and Support Staff

Miss Powell

Welcome Class Teacher

Miss McGrath

SEN Teacher

Mrs Bashir

Academic Mentor

Mrs Urbanska

Mrs Davis

Miss Marchese

Miss Tyson

Miss Evans

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

SEN Teaching Assistant

SEN Teaching Assistant

SEN Teaching Assistant

Mr Jolley

P.E. Teaching Assistant


Premises Team

Mr Thomson   -   Site Agent

Mr Gregory   -   Assistant Site Agent