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Websites and Apps to support learning of phonics

Suggested websites:

  • BBC – there are a number of resources available through the BBC website, for example:

  • Family Learning:

  • Phonics Play – this is a subscription website. We have paid for in school use and the children are familiar with the games on it. Unfortunately, the subscription does not extend to home use, but individual subscriptions are available to purchase at £12 per year. Some games are free to play.

  • Kent Trust

  • ICT games

  • Letters and Sounds – we use this website in school for resources and games. There are useful online games accessible via this website for example:


Suggested Apps for iPads

There are a large number of apps available, both for free and at a small cost. On our school iPads we use:

  • Mr Thorne does Phonics (various at £1.49 – £2.99)
  • ABC Pocket Phonics (free)