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Foxes Class Information

Foxes Class – KS2


Children in Foxes class follow a bespoke curriculum including maths and English activities, Speech and Language and personal and social development, designed to meet the children’s individual targets, as identified through their EHCP.



In Foxes, the classroom is set up to provide a range of opportunities for different learning needs. The children have opportunities for individual and small group activities with zoned areas for experiential learning and learning through play.



Through a topic-based approach, the children work on the following:

  • Communication through play activities
  • Group turn taking activities
  • Activities to develop concentration and attention
  • Focus talks to build independence.
  • EHCP / IEP tasks
  • Expressive and receptive language tasks
  • Learning to follow instructions
  • Developing social skills
  • Early language building skills including phonics
  • Early maths skills



Here’s what we will be covering this term in Foxes:




Communication and Language


To help build the communication and attention we have a daily bucket session and throughout the classroom the children are exposed to a range of communication mats where the adult help develop the child language.


We also provide daily Makaton lessons where the children are taught a couple of new signs a week. All adults use Makaton while they are working with the children.





In Literacy, we will be using the book Handa’s Surprise. The children will be a number of different tasks to help build up their sentence work and to explore the book. We will also be working building our fine motor skills up by daily dough disco sessions and letter formation and mark making activities.









Personal, Social and Emotional

In PSE, we will be developing social skills and understanding our emotions on a daily basis we talk to the children about their emotions and we use the zones of regulations to help support this.






The children will continue to go swimming on a Tuesday and all children in the class are required to attend. We also have a number of sessions in the soft play room where the children can develop their gross motor skills.  We also require to have a PE kit in school as we are planning to do a number of different PE lessons and having a change of clothes with help build their independence skills.








In maths, we will be learning about the numbers 1 -10. The children will be learning to subitsing a given number but also working on 1 more and 1 less. All the children are specific targets in maths and the lessons will be adapted to suit their needs.




Topics that we will be covering across the half-term


Through our Being Healthy theme we will be developing skills in other curriculum areas:


Understanding our World – using our senses to explore fruits, vegetables and other food and thinking about our emotions.

Expressive Arts and Design – engaging in imaginary play


The children will be learning about healthy eating, drinking, washing our hands, and brushing their teeth.





Homework timetable


The weekly Makaton signs will be shared via Class Dojo along with other activities the children could access at home.



Makaton Signs








 wave hand once


wave hand back and forth


place palm of hand on top of opposite fist








tap side of mouth once