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At Surrey Street Primary School, we use a teaching scheme called 'Rocket Phonics' to teach Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP), in order to help children to read, write and spell.



Rocket Phonics is a Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme that supports your child to learn all the skills needed to successfully read, write and spell.

Within the programme, there are lots of resources such as flashcards, sound mats, online interactive Big Books and quizzes to help develop learning further.  There is also a fully matched series of decodable reading books from a variety of genres.



The sounds are grouped into colour bands, relating to the colour books that your child will be able to read as they explore new letter-sounds.







Top tips to support your child's reading at home

1.Read as regularly as you can at home

2.Build reading into your child's daily routine

3. Encourage reading a variety of materials

4. Develop your child's love of reading












Children who read outside of school every day are FIVE TIMES as likely to read above the expected level compared with those who don't.















Dos and Don'ts when your child is

learning to read...



Rocket Phonics Parent Guide