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Kestrel Class Information

Kestrels Class - KS2 (mornings only)


Children working in Kestrels class benefit from a small group teaching environment, where each child has their own workspace if required.




Children attend the class for morning sessions or for additional support with specific areas of need.


They access their mainstream base classrooms for all other lessons.


In Kestrels, the children work on the following:

  1. Bespoke Maths Curriculum
  2. Bespoke English Reading Curriculum
  3. Bespoke English Writing Curriculum (with support from Speech and Language and utilising Colourful Semantics)
  4. Daily teaching of Self-regulation strategies (Zones of Regulation)
  5. 1:1 and small group speech and language sessions.


A typical morning in Kestrels may include:


The children arrive in Kestrels Class having registered in their base classes.


On arrival, the children complete tasks to support their IEP (Individual Education Plan) targets and will read to an adult.


The children have a SEND English lesson.


Next, they have a Phonics session.


At break time, the children return to their own classes.


The children have a SEND Maths lesson.


They then return to their own class for lunch.


Some children will access Kestrels class for the whole morning, whilst others return to their classes for Maths.